Play Away Nursery 120 Sydney Street Glasgow G31 1JF 0141 550 7511

Play Away Nursery is situated near to city center with easy access to all bus routes and 5 minute walk to train stations.  The Nursery Management team has a wealth of knowledge in childcare with over 30 years experience in early years. The staff team are fully qualified and have over 20 years experience in early years. Our Nursery offers an environment where each child can play and learn developing self esteem and reaching their full potential.

Curriculum For Excellence

Learning environment and accommodation 
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Play rooms are bright and filled with natural light. 
Play Away Nursery Garden is safe and fully enclosed
 Children have the opportunity to play and learn in the nature garden. 
Within the natural environment, we offer a wide range of activities that encourage the children to be actively curious, to be engaged,to be   involved   and to be able to explore their surroundings, have fun and develop their natural creativity. Children can access the garden in all weathers. 
  • garden area where children can grow their own plants 
  • sandpits for sensory, symbolic and physical play
  • plants that encourage wildlife 
  • trees that provide shade
  • water play areas for sensory play
  • a physical area where the children can swing 
  • small hand apparatus that children can enjoy team games or free play with
Our children use the outdoor area to socialize and play how they choose using natural features to support and enhance the quality of play.